Design in Marketing

Why Having a Good Design Is Important for Digital Marketing

We sometimes leave out the visual identity, believing that Design is unnecessary and only serves to make things beautiful.

The design element is essential to establish a dialogue with your target audience and generating identification with your product.

Design, together with a copy, forms the frontline of your campaign or product. These two elements are combined to form the producer-buyer/affiliate-buyer interface.

Although the work of a designer is important and irreplaceable it doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional to create graphics pieces that drive sales and conversion.

Follow these tips to make your ads and posts more click-friendly. Also, Your Digital Specialist can help you with these tasks.

Enter your characters

You must first know who your target audience is to create a sales page that converts. People are more likely to identify visually with products than they are with quality.

Knowing your persona and knowing that your product is a niche-specific product makes it easy to determine whether a graphic piece is appropriate for your target audience.

Search for references

Visual references can be found online or in real life. Photograph products and packaging related to your product or target audience.

You already have a wonderful collection of colors and shapes, styles, photographs, and fonts from this observation exercise.

Another option is to look at other companies in the same industry and see what they are doing visually and in writing.

Be consistent

Producers who have just created an ebook, video lesson, or other product may already have many visual elements.

These elements can be used to create sales pages and ads that match your original proposition. This is vital as it increases the credibility of your product ads.

You might consider creating an ad that is different from the sales page, and which is in turn not related to your product.

Clicking on the ad does not allow users to identify themselves with their speech. This reduces the user’s chances of providing any information such as email address or payment details.

Pay close attention to what attracts

Multiple elements competing for attention are a sign that the reader will lose interest.

If your product is a particular shade of blue, you can use a similar palette to other shades of blue or teal to create your bulk sales page, ads, and boxes, as well as headlines and boxes.

It uses complementary colors like oranges and reds to highlight Call-to-Actions.

Never create a CTA which is not easily noticed or mistakenly used for another illustration, or vice versa.

Be unique in your approach

It’s very easy to let an ad go unnoticed on Facebook and the Google Display Network.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowded market because of the constant bombardment of memes, videos, news, and other visual content on our phones and computers.

Avoid cliches and be unique. Find ways to communicate with your audience in ways that are different from your competitors.

Use filters and illustrations to modify the images that you plan to use in your ads or on your sales pages.

Design is your friend

Design is an important aspect of digital marketing, even though it may not be the sole factor that influences the purchase decision.

Copy and he is elements that communicate the product’s essence and encourage dialogue between the producer/consumer.

Even if you have a designer who designs the ads and graphics for the products you want to promote, you as a manufacturer must keep these tips in your mind.

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