Top 5 Dubai Restaurants Known for Their Unique Ambience

Top 5 Dubai Restaurants Known for Their Unique Ambience

Dubai is a great vacation destination known for its shopping malls, hotels, and beaches. But wait, there’s more than meets the eye! Some restaurants in this country are so unique (either in location or atmosphere) that for once they turn your guts from the inside out (and not because of the bad food!).

Let’s not continue torturing you with verbiage. Here’s a rundown of the best restaurants to feast on in the desert country:


It’s a pretty irrelevant question whether this place serves good food or not! Food hardly crosses your mind when you visit this place. It’s the atmosphere that matters, which has crowned it Dubai’s ‘Best Seafood Restaurant’ for two years in a row. It has a location from another world, since it is practically far from the sea. You have to cross a bridge to get to this restaurant. And yes, once your numbing mind gets used to the hypnotism, your tongues will join the party (food isn’t that bad after all)! Pierchic is also counted among the top destinations in Dubai due to its otherworldly atmosphere.

Uptown Mirdif Restaurants

Hunter & Barrel offers quality charcoal-grilled meats with an abundance of fresh vegetables and exceptional barrel-aged craft beverages. It maintains a culinary and thematic homage to ancient hunter-gatherer techniques through a delicious menu of sharing plates, perfect for community dinners. Peruse the menus for Hunter & Barrel at Mirdif Dubai. Hunter & Barrel is an eclectic, contemporary twist on the hunters way, where traditional feasting rituals combine with cooking over charcoal.

Majlis Al Bahar:

Well, if you want to eat in an outdoor restaurant by the beach, this place next to the Burj Al Arab hotel is the most recommended. The best time to dine in this place is during the sunset time. And the best person to bring is your partner or girlfriend or whoever you want to have a romance with! In addition to its romantic atmosphere, it will also enchant you with its delicious variety of Mediterranean dishes.


luxurious, metallic, dazzling and sophisticated – these are some of the adjectives that come to mind when looking at the photos of this restaurant! Another recently opened store, Gaucho is best known for its classy atmosphere! But don’t underestimate the food; it can make your digestive glands fill with ecstasy.

Al Hadheerah:

Located in the Bab Al Shams resort, this restaurant is themed around the desert landscape. So if you want to eat like a camel between sand and fire, this place is perfect. While the food is absolutely delicious, the atmosphere is the biggest USP of the place!

Eating out is the best! But do you know what’s better? Eating out with a view! And not just any view, the magnificent view of Dubai’s cityscape and waterfront!

You’ll find a gazillion jam-packed places to eat in Dubai. However, if you want to eat in a serene and peaceful environment, you’ll find many restaurants on the rooftops of high-rise buildings or other locations that provide a great ambience combined with a splendid view!

Therefore, we have put together 9 of the best Dubai restaurants with a view so you can enjoy a fulfilling meal with an amazing view of the Dubai skyline.

Sea Food

Their main dining menu is filled with delicious seafood dishes while there’s an extensive drink list to accompany your sky-high dining experience.

You’ll need to save up your dirhams though, one of Dubai’s most exclusive dining addresses will certainly put a dent in your Dubai budget, but will certainly make for one of the most memorable experiences.

Opulent Restaurants

It should come as no surprise that a destination playfully nicknamed The City of Gold is home to some of the most opulent restaurants in the world. Dubai‘s food scene has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, with its restaurants smartly responding to the influx of glam visitors. The arrival of the Michelin guide earlier this year, which bestowed an impressive littering of stars across the city, cemented what we already knew: Dubai no longer has a restaurant scene to watch. Instead, it can take its title as one of the best in the world.

If you really want to dine in Dubai with some wow factor, you’ll want this fabulous selection of Dubai restaurants with great views on your buck list.

Whether it’s a date night, with family and friends or simply to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, make sure you bookmark this page for when it comes time to book a memorable dining experience in Dubai.

So the next time you plan a date night with your significant other or a night out with your family or friends, we hope this article will come in handy! Searching for the perfect venue in Dubai? Hunter & Barrel Mirdif Dubai accommodates up to 150+ guests, making it the ideal venue for weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties and work functions.

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