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Things To Do When Experiencing A Flat Tire At Home

Noticing a flat tire while pulling into the driveway is the best place to find the unfortunate incident. Otherwise, you might get stranded on the road and have to inflate or change your tire in the middle of your journey. A flat tire is easy to manage by taking the help of the right accessories. Are new tires better than old tires? Find it out by this complete guide on what to do if you experience such a situation.

Moreover, without the right accessories, you might be unable to troubleshoot your problem and inspect its main cause. A flat tire might stem from tire wear and tear or puncture. This can be easily fixed or repaired. But if your tires are cracking or bubbling, you might need to replace them. You can inflate your tires with multiple accessories of car during emergencies and take them to the nearest mechanic for the necessary repair.

The accessories you need to keep handy to perform tyre repairs successfully are a tyre puncture kit, a jack, pluggers, a tyre pressure gauge, a tyre inflator, and a lug wrench. You can purchase all these accessories at CarOrbis with the best piece assured. CarOrbis is the leading platform for accessories cars online, having the best car tyre inflator air compressor pump with the best customer service.

Are New Tires Better Than Old Tires? Find Out By The Things To Do When You Experience A Flat Tire At Home:

Inspect The Cause Carefully: 

If you experience a flat tyre, you first need to inspect the cause behind a deflated tyre. Is it due to small nails, valve leakage, or tyre tear and wear? You also need to inspect the amount of damage it has caused to your tyre. If you see a few punctures in your tyre, it would be easy to repair it at home with the help of a tyre puncture kit. 

If you see that the reseason behind your deflated tyre is intensive tear and wear, then you need to replace the tyre with a spare tyre for the time being and purchase a brand new tyre as soon as possible. 

Lift Your Car Using A Jack:

Before identifying various leaks on your tyre, you need to lift your vehicle so that you can easily look around all the parts of the tyre. The lifting purpose is impossible without a car jack. Remember to use jack stands while jacking up the car. 

These are made of heavy metal stands that will make sure that your car is in a particular place and doesn’t drop suddenly. By this, you can ensure the utmost safety.

Finding Out The Leak:

In case of a leak or puncture, you need to find the location of the multiple leaks(if any). You might be thinking that this is a difficult task to do. But it’s as simple as getting hold of a spray bottle, adding soap water, and spraying the solution all over the tyre. 

In this way, you will be able to quickly identify the leaks by seeking places where there is aggressive bubbling. The action of bubbling can easily catch the escape of the air and the soap having a low surface tension assists you in easily spotting it.

Remove The Object:

Once you identify the leak, if you see any object such as a screw, nail or pieces of glass that punctured it, it’s time to remove it. Use a pair of pliers to pull out the object successfully. You can also do this by using the end of a hammer claw.  

Be extra careful while pulling such objects out, as accidentally, you might cause damage to the tyre. Once you have removed the object, throw it away in a place that would not come your way if you need to visit your nearest mechanic for an emergency.

Plugging The Tyre:

The next step is to plug it up with the help of rubber strips and sealant. You can purchase a plug kit from the market that will help you to complete this step carefully. You must take a rubber strip and an insertion tool to perform this step. 

Thread the rubber strip through the eyelet of the plug insertion tool. After coating it with tire sealant cement, your tyre is ready to hit the road. Repeat this process if you see similar leaks.

Inflate The Tyre With A Tyre Inflator:

The last step is to inflate the tyre with the help of a tyre inflator or a foot pump. Follow your factory-recommended tyre pressure level while inflating your tyres. Use a tyre pressure gauge to inspect your tyre pressure regularly.

Final Thoughts:   

If you are looking for an all-encompassing platform that offers budget-friendly accessories to fix your flat tire problem, your search ends here. Now you know the answer to the question: Are new tires better than old tires? CarOrbis is your one-stop solution for all car accessories, car detailing, or car repair. 

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