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Productivity Tracking Software to Get Productive Employees

Working from home is becoming more common. Teams communicate and interact online, making tracking productivity difficult. Management must devise novel and interactive methods for monitoring and measuring employee productivity.

Managers can use employee productivity tracking software like DeskTrack to monitor their team’s productivity and speed up task completion. They are not required to be present to supervise their employees’ daily activities.

What exactly is Employee Productivity Monitoring Software?

Productivity tracking software collects data on employee productivity and the time required to complete each task. The software tracks and monitors employee productivity and activity. Managers can immediately monitor and analyse employee performance using their immediate reports. The ultimate goal is to improve employee performance and assist them in managing their workload to achieve better results.

Furthermore, employee monitoring software allows businesses to record employee interactions with customers in order to ensure that high service standards are met and that employees are using their time efficiently. These solutions can log phone calls, emails, social media interactions, and live chats to ensure employee quality and specific strategies are working.

Employee monitoring software is commonly used by customer service managers to ensure that their representatives work effectively and efficiently. When implementing new pitches or approaches, sales teams can use tracking software to ensure that the right messages are being conveyed to prospects. With software like DeskTrack, organisations can quickly determine which methods are working and pivot accordingly.

Best Software for Tracking Employee Productivity

Employer monitoring software provides managers and small business owners with valuable insights into employee behaviour. Employee activity tracking software can capture screenshots, block content and applications, block websites, and generate insightful reports.

We reviewed the best “DeskTrack” software in 2022 to assist you in finding the best solution for your company. Our criteria included affordability, ease of use, and features that allow you to track your employees’ productivity and activity.

Employee Monitoring Software Features

You can select which features you require based on how you intend to monitor your employees using employee monitoring software.

Consider your reasons for installing this software. What can you do to prevent your employees from using the internet or Facebook while on the job? Concerned about leaking confidential information? How can you keep an eye on cybersecurity threats?

Furthermore, you must decide whether you will actively use this software or whether you will require notifications if it detects prohibited activity. Here are some of the best features of the best productivity tracking DeskTrack software:

App and website monitoring

This feature displays the applications and websites visited by your employees. It also tracks how much time they spend on each application, website, or program.

Monitor screenshots, videos, or live feeds

Do you want to see what your employees are working on? Employee monitoring software frequently takes screenshots of employee monitors at random. Some even offer real-time monitoring, while others record images of monitored activities.

Print and USB monitoring

If you are concerned about data leaks, you must have these items. If the software detects a thumb drive or portable hard disc being inserted into a work computer, it will notify you. Print monitoring is the process by which the programme keeps track of the documents printed from each computer.

Monitoring productivity

There are various methods for determining employee productivity. Some software, for example, tracks productivity by detecting mouse and keyboard movements. Others require employees to keep track of their time spent on tasks or client projects.


This article is intended for managers and business owners who are looking for the best employee monitoring software. Managers can track their employees’ productivity and use the tool to expedite task completion. These tools can be used by business owners and team managers to motivate employees, make tasks more accessible, and save time and money.

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