Karnataka’s best trek for you Kudremukh trek


Kudremukh trek, a small village of Karnataka, lies in the Chikmagalur quarter. It’s home to some of the stylish coffee plantations, owing to its fine variety of soil conducive to coffee growth. Kudremukh literally means steed face, as a particular side of the mountain looks like the face of a steed. The peak is about 894 metres above sea level. 

 The touring trails then therefore boast of changing decor and immersing views. Aqueducts, bamboo shrubs, falls and lush foliage are some of the crucial characteristics of the journey. The experience you have during the trail is bound to last a continuance. Imagine touring on and above the shadows. That’s a sight to behold! 

It’s the third loftiest peak in Karnataka. Therefore, it’s bound to be slightly gruelling. The journey unfurls lush green geographies and beautiful meadows each on. You’ll cross nearly a dozen aqueducts. 

Kudremukh National Park as base camp

The journey begins by taking a jeep from Balegal to Mullodi. As you traipse forward on bottom, you begin to move towards the timber area where you’re saluted by numerous aqueducts. Upon reaching Lobo House, a notorious corner, the trail will lift towards the peak. You’ll cross rainforests, falls and head uphill to eventually reach the Kudremukh Waterfall. Camping isn’t allowed at the peak as it’s a reticent forest. Make sure you bespeak the base camp in advance and take all the necessary timber warrants. 

 Effects to anticipate on the Kudremukh journey 

Kudremukh is a natural wonder. It’s veritably hard to find such stunning geography anywhere differently in the country.  It’s a gruelling journey given that pedestrians have to hike up 10 Km on an inclined terrain and also return the same distance before it gets dark. 

Pedestrians have to cross at least 3 different aqueducts to lift Kudremukh. 

Remove shoes when you cross. The area is blessed with plenty of falls. After an emphatic journey, one can take a dip under one of them the coming day.Being part of a protected wildlife sanctuary, it’s largely confined by the timber department in order to cover its pristine natural terrain. So important that it allows only 50 pedestrians per day. further demand and lower force make it indeed more precious. 

Kudremukh base has devoted pedestrian homestays who give really introductory installations. Unlike other places( Coorg Tadiandamol, Kodachadri) you can not get what you want in terms of installations then. It’s possible you may not get authorization to journey on your first attempt. So it’s better to keep a buffer day to give it an alternate pass.Whoever can not get their number for Kudremukh does another journey called Kurinjal peak journey arranged by the timber department as a volition.

 Sightseeing at Kudremukh 

National Park you must take a slight diversion to look around the National Park. This wildlife reserve, believed to be the second largest in the state, encompasses the beautiful Somvati River with the purest water you could suppose of. Kudremukh falls These are the most stimulating falls to hassle after a tiring hike. Soaring at maximum speed, they can be heard from a distance, as you journey overhead. 

Coffee granges Coffee colonies are the crucial point of Chikmagalur. You’re bound to catch a good regard of them while touring in this region and have a mug of lately brewed coffee. 

Beast hassle Whether you spot any major beast or not, you’re sure to see deer and cranks along the way. There might be a lot of moochers. To help this, you can put some swab or snuff greasepaint into your socks. 

 Kudremukh Trek Difficulty Level 

The journey from Mullodi to Lobo’s house is an easy one. From then on to Ontimara, the difficulty position increases slightly. The trail turns steep on two short stretches then, but as you move on from Ontimara to the end of the Zig- Zag route, the difficulty position increases. Again from the Zig- Zag trail till you reach Kudremukh peak, the journey becomes moderate in its difficulty. So, the overall difficulty position is moderate. 

 Things to carry 

  •  Particular medicine( if any) 
  •  Strong backpack( rather leakproof) 
  •  pair of clothes 
  •  Toiletries. 
  • Mosquito Repellent Cream 
  •  Water bottles.
  •  A arsonist with new batteries( must in case of exigency) 
  •  You can carry Energy Food( Electrolyte drinks- Glucoseetc.) 
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen. 
  •  Camera( Optional) 
  •  Rain Fleece( largely Suggested) 
  •  Shoes with good grip 
  •  Kindly do not carry single use plastic( for eg chocolates, chips, water bottle etc)

 particulars during the journey. There will be a detailed check done by the forest department before starting the journey and if set up there will be fine and can also be denied authorization for touring from the Forest Department. nevertheless, unwrap it and bring it in applicable tiffins. If you need chocolates or chips during the journey.

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